A note from Nursery…

Learning in nursery is lots of fun! Here is what we have been learning so far this term…

9th-13th September 2019

This week was very busy! We dressed up as our favourite characters for our Roald Dahl day celebrations.

We have loved joining in our ‘Sticky Kids’ time, this is to help us learn to balance and move in different ways.

We have joined in our first ‘Dough Disco’ time with Mrs Bellis too….. we are working our fingers to make them nice and strong, this will help when we draw, paint, write and use scissors.

Our ‘Funky Fingers’ activities have been really tricky this week, we’ve been threading cheerio’s on to spaghetti, picking up pomp oms with tweezers, threading pipe cleaners through a colander and threading laces through pasta! All of these challenges will make our fingers super strong!

16th– 20th September 2019

We’ve been learning about the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We built houses with different materials, drew our favourite characters and retold the story. We enjoyed hearing Mrs Bellis telling us the story each day.  We also have been learning to recognise numbers 1-3, count objects to 3, recognise the shapes circle, square and triangle.  I wonder what shapes were in the house that the pigs built?