Mystery rock lands in school! (A blog by Year 2)

Can you guess what happened to Year 2? A mysterious, beautiful, mottled grey and white rock landed on the ground outside our classroom. We were amazed and excited to discover it and we wanted to find out more so we investigated it.

As scientists we observed it closely, recording its appearance, weight and measurements. We thought it might have come from space so some children used books and the internet to research what it might be. Other children interviewed people around school to find out more about the rock and where it might have come from, while others wrote newspaper reports about what we had found out. From our findings we think it might be a meteorite (a rock that was in orbit in space but has now fallen to Earth).

“It was really exciting because we have never found a rock there before!” Harry

“We thought it came from Jupiter because it had the same colours.” Andrzej

“It was very exciting because we have never seen one before”. Amelia.

Moon rock