Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Normanton All Saints

Key Stage 1 builds on the learning that has taken place in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have high expectations of all our pupils and expect that they gain strong foundations in reading, writing and maths to allow them to flourish throughout their educational journey. 

In KS1 we teach the National Curriculum to provide a structured, inclusive curriculum that allows all pupils to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding which is progressively built upon through their time in our school. Our young children become ‘experts’ in the subject content which has been taught. For example, when studying Florence Nightingale they become historians as they understand and can talk about how events and significant people from the past have influenced the current day. We plan using a topic based approach which focuses around a ‘big question’, linked to the National Curriculum, which is explored and developed through carefully considered and structured lessons. By the end of the topic pupils have gained the basic and core knowledge, skills and vocabulary to enable them to answer the big question presented to them. 

Pupils across KS1 are provided with memorable first hand experiences through educational visits and visitors to the school, which helps to bring the curriculum to life. 

Information about each subject, including progression planning, can be found on individual subject pages of the website. Below are examples of our medium term topic overview plans, which are created from subject progression plans. 

If you would like further information on the National Curriculum taught in KS1 please click the link below: