Learners Normanton All Saints

At Normanton All Saints CE (A) Infant School we put our children at the centre of everything we do. We believe that each child is special and unique as they are in the eyes of God. We provide an education for the whole child that will enable them to be lifelong learners, to make good life choices and to stand up for what they believe is right.

We provide a rich curriculum that is interwoven with our Christian values and our Learning Muscle approach. We put a strong emphasis on children as learners who know how to be a good learner and can talk about and demonstrate positive learning behaviours. Our children often reflect upon how they have used their learning muscles to persevere, have a go and co-operate in their learning. They enjoy working with each other and are taught essential skills for later life and future relationships. 

We value the voice of our children and involve them in decision making to help our school be a happy and safe place to learn. We have a number of groups where the children have been voted on by their peers or where they have volunteered to take part in. 

School Committee 

Our School Committee is represented by two children from each class, who have been selected through a fair voting process. Our School Committee meetings take place regularly and involve the children in important decision making for the school. The School Committee is led by the President and Vice President. They visit special places within the local community. For example, as part of democracy week they visit Normanton Town Hall to take part in a mock council meeting.  

Playground buddies 

Our Year 2 pupils have the opportunity to take on the role as a Playground Buddy. They are selected after an internal interview process led by our pastoral team. The Playground Buddies receive training in leading games and work in designated areas such as the spiritual garden and mud kitchen. They make sure that the children in our school, especially the youngest children, are well looked after, are happy and are safe on the playground. They also help in the hall as dining hall helpers. They help to clean the dining hall tables and pour water for their friends. They also reward children who are observed following our ‘golden goal’ at lunchtimes. Each week children are then selected to sit on the Golden Table alongside staff members.   

Happiness Ambassadors 

Our Happiness Ambassadors are chosen to spread happiness around our school! They also work with our Mental Health and Well-being Team to implement different ideas and resources to use across the school. They help plan events such as World Mental Health Day. They were in charge of designing our Zen Den and also sharing our self-soothe baskets with their friends in their classroom. 

Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors are passionate about reading and they work closely with our reading lead to share a love of reading across our school. They will find out what the favourite reads are from our children and staff and will share these with others through their newsletters. They also enjoy making sure our library is a wonderful place to go and visit and will recommend books to their friends. 

Collective Worship Committee and Crew 

Our Year 2 pupils work with our Collective Worship leader to plan, lead and evaluate our Collective Worship. They are involved in the setting up of worship and they welcome the school to daily worship. They help select songs and music which they feel would be appropriate and link to the Christian Value. They also meet with members of the clergy.