Whole School Development

Whole School Development

We are always striving to maintain high standards and continue to improve. Each year we celebrate the success and achievement of the school and evaluate what went well. We use a variety of different sources of information to set targets in order to further improve. Please read the attachements below to find out our achievements from the previous year and our school development priorities for the coming year.

This year, our whole school priorities are:

  • To continue to improve the progress of pupils in reading, in particular pupils entering at the age related/ working at expectation.

  • To ensure that targeted intervention is having a marked impact on the progress of pupils through the precise use of assessment used by all across the school. 

  • Through continued high expectations and challenge, ensure that a higher proportion of pupils (those entering the EYFS at the age related stage or above) make better than expected progress and ’exceed’ at the end of EYFS. 

  • To use best practice across the school  to inform wider teaching and learning.

  • To improve the overall  attendance and to reduce the number of persistent absentees.

Our subject leaders lead on key areas of the curriculum and are responsible for planning development in their subject. Attached are the subject leadership priorities for this academic year set by the subject leaders and approved by the senior leadership team.