School Uniform

School Uniform Normanton All Saints

We ask that all pupils wear our school uniform. We believe this is important because it fosters a feeling of pride in belonging to our school family. School uniform is available from the office along with PE bags, book bags, water bottles, caps, winter coats and fleeces. Our school uniform policy is as follows:


Yellow polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt or sweat cardigan

Navy skirt or pinafore dress or trousers

School shoes (not trainers or shoes with heels)


Yellow polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt

Navy trousers

School shoes (not trainers )

Summer wear As above or girls can wear blue or yellow school dresses (striped or checked material) and boys and girls can wear navy shorts.

P.E. kit

Both boys and girls will need a white t-shirt, navy shorts and a pair of black PE pumps. PE kit should be kept in a named drawstring bag. PE kit is best kept at school and returned home for washing at weekends or holidays. Parents are asked to regularly check that their child’s kit still fits, especially their pumps.

Jewellery For health and safety reasons, if pupils wish to wear earrings, these must be the stud design only. Pupils may wear a watch but rings, necklaces and bracelets must be left at home. Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc should be simple and preferably in school colours.

Jumpers, cardigans and polo shirts with the school logo are available to purchase from the school office. Please make sure that all items of uniform are clearly named with your child’s full name. If you would like to use our permanent ink markers in school, please call into the office and the staff will be happy to help.