Learning Muscles

Learning muscles normanton all saints

What are learning muscles?

Think about a football player preparing for a match. They need to be fit and have stamina, coordination and agility to win. They need to warm up their muscles and be willing to give the game their best shot. Learning muscles are the same! To be a successful learner, pupils need to stretch their learning muscles. They need to have mental stamina and agility to be able to complete the day. They need to be willing to have a go and know that they may not always get things right the first time. They need to concentrate on the job in hand and persevere when things get tricky. They need to be curious, ask lots of questions and learn to work co-operatively with others. They need to imagine, improve and most of all enjoy learning.

Through the learning muscle approach we teach our pupils to: concentrate, co-operate, persevere, improve, not give up, be curious, use their imagination, aim high, have a go and enjoy learning.

How are learning muscles used in school?

We use the learning muscles to explain different learning behaviours that we expect from our pupils. Each half term we focus on a different learning muscle, which is introduced by Mrs Stone as part of Collective Worship. The staff in school are keen to praise pupils when they are seen using their ‘learning muscles’.