‘Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.’

Stephen Hawking

National Curriculum 2014

In science, pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • ask simple questions and recognise that they can be answered in different ways
  • observe closely, using simple equipment
  • perform simple tests
  • identify and classify
  • use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions
  • gather and record data to help answer questions.

Inspired by Chris Quigley Ltd

Pupils will be able to develop their skills as scientists by:

  • using their five senses
  • asking and answering questions
  • making predictions about what they think might happen
  • planning and investigating
  • saying why and how things happen
  • using a range of scientific equipment and resources
  • recording their ideas and findings
  • evaluating their own work and say how this can be improved.