Our Governors meet as a full governing body 4 times per year with additional sub-committee meetings too. Following clear agendas, members consider information and agree a range of policies and procedures which impact on all aspects of school life. They participate in governor training and play an important role in ensuring that our school is a place where everyone feels well cared for and fully respected.

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Leah Huddlestone. She is supported by our Vice Chair, Mr David Sanderson. Our Chair of Pupil and Standards is Mr James Parkinson.  Our team of Governors comprises parents, teachers, support staff, representatives from our church and local council. They bring a range of skills to their role.

Our Governors show commitment and dedication to the school by ensuring that all pupils are provided with an excellent education, which promotes high standards and achievement for all. They are fully committed to the welfare of all pupils and ensure that safeguarding policies and practices are robust across the school.

Our Governors know our school very well. They play an active role in the life of the school by attending meetings, school events and after school functions and also take part in pupil discussions and learning walks around school. 

Our Governors are responsible for a number of areas including attainment, finance, policies and procedures. They work closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure children get the best possible education to enable them to reach their full potential, in an environment where they feel safe, valued and learning is fun.

The Governing Body is responsible for:

  • helping to set the aims and objectives for the school
  • helping to ensure school policies and procedures are relevant and that objectives are achieved
  • setting targets to monitor the progress of the school to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives
  • overseeing the financial management of the school 
  • being a critical friend to the school and providing a source of challenge and support

Our Governors are also members of different committees, which includes a Standards and Pupils Committee and Resources Committee.

The overall purpose of the Standards and Pupils Committee is to:

  • monitor standards achieved by pupils and help them achieve more
  • monitor the school’s success in promoting Inclusion
  • ensure that the school development plan is focused on appropriate priorities for raising standards at the school
  • ensure that policies are reviewed on a regular basis to promote improved standards and contain appropriate targets/success criteria.

The overall purpose of the Resources Committee is to:

  • contribute to, monitoring and evaluating parts of the self-evaluation summary, the school development plan and policies relating to resources issues, reporting or making recommendations to the full Governing Body
  • consider recommendations from relevant external reviews for example audit, Ofsted or local authority review, to agree the actions needed to address any issues identified and to monitor and evaluate regularly the implementation of any plan agreed, reporting or making recommendations to the full Governing Body
  • act as a personnel and pay committee by making decisions on behalf of the Governing Body relating to individual members of staff, as set out in the Governing Body’s personnel policies and procedures
  • take appropriate action on any other relevant matter referred by the Governing Body.

The overall purpose of the Headteacher Performance Management Working Group is to carry out the Governing Body’s statutory responsibilities for the Performance Management of the Headteacher.

Our Governing Body structure is as follows:

  • Staff Governor 1
  • The Headteacher 1
  • LA Governor 1
  • Co-opted Governors 1
  • Foundation Governors 7
  • Vicar 1
  • Parent Governors 2
  • Associate Governors 3
  • Total 17