Out of this world…including a blog by Year 2

Our Year Two pupils are currently working on answering their big question ‘Why can’t I live on Mars?’ After finding the space rocks (I mean meteorite fragments!!) that had landed in school last week they have had the jaw-dropping experience of going into space today (…don’t worry everyone Mrs Stone said we couldn’t really go to space in a rocket for the day) we had the mobile planetarium visit our school.  This morning all our Year 2 learners had their lessons in the mobile planetarium, this has helped them develop both as scientists and as historians as they learned all about space and about Neil Armstrong and his role as a significant person from the past.  The planetarium certainly got a big thumbs up from Miss Beal’s class.

Here’s what the children thought…

Last Tuesday the 19th November, every year two child had the experience of visiting space! Don’t worry, we didn’t actually go to space…instead a space dome arrived in our school hall. While we were inside we saw pictures and videos of planets such as mars, the sun, the earth and even a video of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. We felt like we were really in space, it was amazing! We were wowed by all of the awesome facts which we discovered. It was amazing to learn about all of the planets in our solar system.

We hope you enjoyed our blog.

The Tremendous Tigers