University of life…

Today our first University of Life workshops took place for this year.  All children have signed up to a course of their choosing and will attend every Friday for the following four weeks.  Workshops include art, chemistry, woodwork but to name a few.  This week we are going to focus on the dental nursing programme led by Mrs Ballance.

Mrs Ballance was a dental nurse before she came to join our school family.  This afternoon she worked with a group of learners on dental nursing and how to correctly care for their teeth.  They used disclosing tablets to show where the plaque was on their teeth and then brushed to remove the pink marks.  They had lots of fun watching their mouths turn pink.  They are keeping a toothbrushing diary which they will need to bring to each session. Mrs Ballance has also organised a visit to the local dentist practice.

Keep your eyes peeled to find out what workshop we will be blogging about next week.

Mrs Edwards